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 “We make long-term investments in portfolio companies and guide our companies with SME principles”

This sentence would exhaustively cover INDUS’s position regarding responsibility.

And it’s true: The scope is as extensive as the statement itself. INDUS makes a promise beyond the decision to purchase that binds it to the company in the long term. The consequences must be evaluated in a similarly preemptive manner. At the same time, with “SME principles,” the company evokes a canon of values that sets a high bar for ethical conduct. And here too, the company ensures that it is able to meet the expectations of the target groups that those principles would lead to.

The Board of Management at INDUS makes this comprehensive promise because it believes that responsible conduct and success is inseparably linked. In its experience this creates competitive advantages along the entire value chain and lastingly increases enterprise value.

Being a role model and defining expectations

INDUS entirely accepts the general principles designed to ensure responsible management: the German Corporate Governance Code, whose recommendations and suggestions the company follows virtually entirely, and the compliance regulations, which demand adherence to laws in all corporate activities.

In addition, INDUS also has a code of conduct which obliges all staff to observe laws and ethical standards. As a sign that they also follow the same principles as the holding company, the INDUS Group companies have also drafted their own codes of conduct, which correspond with the holding company’s code.

Beyond the basic canon of values, INDUS also makes it clear to the portfolio companies that they consider social and ecological aspects as important as economic ones. The Board of Management always represents this point of view in discussions with the managing directors.