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Controlling specialist acquired for INDUS investment

Bergisch Gladbach, 12 January 2016

• Developer of control software adds strength to portfolio company BUDDE
• oekom sustainability agency certifies INDUS as “prime”

BUDDE, an INDUS investment since early 2013, took over 100% of COMPUTEC AG at the beginning of the year. Established in 1952, the BUDDE Group is a leading supplier of conveyor systems for bulk and general materials such as parcels, pallets, crates, semifinished products as well as grainy materials such as sand, coal and grain. The company supplies mechanical and fully automatic transport systems. 80 % of its customers operate in the courier, express delivery and parcel services industry; other customers come from the drinks and automotive industries. BUDDE contributed some EUR 50 million to INDUS Group’s sales revenues in 2014.

COMPUTEC AG was established in Murrhardt near Stuttgart in 1984, currently employs 16 people and generated a total output of EUR 3.2 million in 2014. The process engineering specialist covers a wide range, from electronics to the programming of the control software of (conveyor) systems. The software is already used by some of the parcel distribution centres designed by the BUDDE Group.

INDUS holding obtains first rating from sustainability agency oekom research

At the end of 2015, INDUS was for the first time rated by oekom research AG, a rating agency operating in the sustainable investment segment. INDUS obtained a rating of C+ on a 12-step scale from A+ to D-. All companies rated C or higher are also awarded “prime” status. Moreover, INDUS achieved a top ranking in the international peer group (Financials/Multi-Sector Holdings). oekom research uses over 100 industry-specific selected criteria to rate a company’s environmental performance.

“As a long-term investor, we promote and support the development of promising medium-sized enterprises and assist our investments in their strategic development. We do this by providing capital but also our experience, our knowledge and our network. We attach special importance to sustainable development. We are therefore particularly pleased that we are awarded with our first sustainability rating. In future, we will go even one step further and explicitly anchor ESG criteria (Environment, Social, Governance) in our corporate strategy,” says Jürgen Abromeit, CEO of INDUS Holding AG. “After all, we are convinced that companies with high ESG standards are managed more effectively, are exposed to lower business risks and ultimately create greater value.” Going forward, INDUS plans to establish its own sustainability reporting system.