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INDUS driven by strong sales of construction technology, infrastructure and healthcare products

Bergisch Gladbach, 15 November 2016

• Sales revenues climb to EUR 1,076 million (+ 3.9%), EBIT rise to EUR 107 million (+ 7.8%)
• EBIT margin at 9.9% at the nine-month stage
• Earnings per share at EUR 2.30 (+9.5%)

Sales revenues of EUR 360.6 million for the third quarter and EBIT of EUR 37.2 million show that INDUS continued its positive performance in the third quarter of 2016. Sales revenues for the nine-month period rose to EUR 1,075.5 million (previous year: EUR 1,035.0 million), which represents an increase by 3.9%. Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) came in at EUR 106.6 million (previous year: EUR 98.9 million). Adjusted for acquisition effects (essentially depreciation from purchase price allocations), EBIT stood at EUR 114.9 million (previous year: EUR 106.3 million). At EUR 57.1 million earnings after taxes (excl. minority interests) clearly exceeded the previous year’s EUR 51.5 million.

Construction boom more than offsets developments in automotive segment

The good business performance was primarily driven by the Construction/Infrastructure segment and the Medical Engineering/Life Science segment, whose revenues increased by approx. 19%, and approx. 13%, respectively. Both segments again performed much better than the respective industry average. Business in the Engineering and Metals Technology segments was stable at a good level and in line with expectations. By contrast, the automotive engineering business remains difficult. Exposed to international developments, the segment recorded a 17% decline in EBIT compared to the previous year, which was due, among other things, to a sharp drop in demand for spikes resulting from the Russian boycott of European goods. Business is slack and margins are under pressure (e.g. due to the VW emission scandal, the weak emerging markets and slower momentum in China and the USA) also in other segments of the automotive industry. In addition, a repositioning exercise initiated at a portfolio company at the beginning of the year has turned out to take longer than expected.

Board of Management continues to expect growing revenues and earnings

Jürgen Abromeit, CEO of INDUS, again confirmed the targets set for the year. “On balance, things work out, as it is exactly our mix of industries and cyclicalities that makes the INDUS portfolio so resilient. From today’s point of view we will exceed the prior year result. As a long-term shareholder, investor and development partner, we are committed to supporting our portfolio companies with capital and knowledge also in weak economic times or during phases in which corrections need to be made – we are currently living up to this promise for some of our investments in the Automotive Technology segment.”

In the first nine months of the year, the INDUS Group increased its operating cash flow to EUR 71.8 million (previous year: EUR 69.3 million). Cash outflow from investments amounted to EUR 78.3 million (previous year: EUR 75.7 million). Cash and cash equivalents totalled EUR 121.4 million on the reporting date (31.12.2015: EUR 132.2 million); it is planned to use these funds for credit repayments and possibly for one more addition to the portfolio in the fourth quarter. The equity ratio declined moderately to 40.6% from 41.9% on 31 December 2015), primarily as a result of the acquisitions.

The INDUS Board of Management again confirmed its forecast and projects an increase in sales revenues to over EUR 1.4 billion as well as earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) of between EUR 134 million and EUR 138 million. “We currently assume that we will be at the upper end of this margin,” said Jürgen Abromeit.

The full interim financial statements for the period ended 30 September 2016 of INDUS Holding AG are available for download at our website. For important information about INDUS, also use the INDUS app.