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Federal Cartel Office approves the proposed increase of shareholding

Bergisch Gladbach, 9 November 2011 – The Federal Cartel Office has today agreed the proposed increase in the Versicherungskammer Bayern group´s shareholding in INDUS Holding AG.

On November 3 INDUS Holding AG published an ad hoc news release announcing a proposed cash capital increase. After the approval by the Federal Cartel Office the company will now go forward with the issue of 2,020,702 new bearer shares with an imputed share in the share capital of a rounded EUR 2.60 at a price of EUR 18.40 per share. This exercise is to increase the company’s share capital by EUR 5,253,825.20 from EUR 52,538,291.22 to EUR 57,792,116.42. The new shares will carry a full dividend entitlement for the financial year 2011 and will be admitted for trading in the regulated market (Prime Standard) at the Frankfurt and Düsseldorf stock exchanges without a prospectus being published. All of the newly issued shares will be acquired by the Versicherungskammer Bayern group. The Versicherungskammer Bayern group will thus raise its shareholding in the company from approximately 9.09% to approximately 17.36%.