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Managing Director:

Wilfried Brands
Marc Hidde

Sales 2017*:EUR 25.3 million
With INDUS since:2002
Location:Hattingen (DE), Brantford (CD)
*with external third parties


Granules for Surface Treatment

VULKAN INOX has accumulated more than 30 years of experience in the production of granulated stainless steel blasting agents and is an industry leader in this field. Helping to reduce blasting times and featuring superior durability, the company’s stainless steel blasting agents are used in processing and refining aluminum, NF metals, stainless steel, concrete, natural stones and rock. The product range includes GRITTAL GH, a grit manufactured using a patented production process. GRITTAL allows to create evenly roughened surfaces while keeping dust levels low. VULKAN INOX draws on its specialist expertise in partnering with customers around the globe, selling its products both through distributors and its own subsidiary.

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