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Managing Directors:Dr. Frank Thiele, Tobias Hilgert,
Dr. Marc Siemer
Sales 2017*:EUR 42.9 million
With INDUS since:1992
Location:Aichhalden (DE), Rickenbach (CH)
*with external third parties

Karl SIMON GmbH & Co. KG

Components and assemblies made from metal and plastic

SIMON offers a wide range of products via its Business segments of window and door hardware, powder metallurgy, and SIMON Systems. Its window and door Hardware products are bought by companies from the furniture and caravan industries. Today, its main product focus is on air damping systems for drawer slides and doors and locking systems for caravan equipment. Powder metallurgy produces bearing and molded parts made of steel powder and bronze. It is a technology that facilitates the high-precision manufacture of geometrically complex forms. Systems manufactures components and assemblies that combine the various production technologies available at SIMON. The company’s main area of focus is the manufacture of high-quality galvanically finished plastic components. These components are injection molded at its subsidiary SIKU and subsequently galvanized at SIMON. They are used in car interiors, in sanitary facilities, and in consumer goods.

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