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Managing Director:Andreas Ott
Sales 2017*:EUR 20.8 million
With INDUS since:2010
Location:Bättwil near Basel (CH)
*with external third parties


High-performance sheet metals

After 60 years on the market, HAKAMA specializes in the production of premium casings and components made from aluminum, steel, and stainless steel, primarily for medical engineering systems such as analytical and  diagnostic equipment, and also for professional coffee machines. Working closely with its customers, HAKAMA develops entire casing solutions, combining the metal components with high-quality surfaces and components made of plastic or wood according to the respective customer’s wishes. These solutions include modular Systems that facilitate the removal and replacement of entire machine components during servicing. HAKAMA not only manufactures casing components, but can also assist ist customers with all stages of installation, from preassembly through to the fitting of electrical components and cable harnesses. Its core sales markets are Switzerland, the EU, India, and the United States. Indirectly, exports account for well over 80 % of HAKAMA’s business.

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