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Managing Director:Andreas Ott
Sales 2018*:EUR 20.8 million
With INDUS since:2000
Location:Reinach (CH)
*with external third parties


Components for rail vehicles, transport technology and special solutions

BACHER is a supplier and manufacturer of assemblies and components, which are formed by means of integration of different technologies and materials to systems. Within the areas of rail vehicles, transport technology and special solutions, todays focus is on the production of elements for the interior and exterior of rail vehicles. As a long-standing partner of manufacturers and operators of rail vehicles in the European market, BACHER has positioned itself as a solution-oriented company with a view to the complete life cycle. As a supplier to the railway industry, BACHER not only holds the ISO 9001 certification but also the special certifications for the welding and bonding of and at rail vehicles and vehicle components.

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