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Managing Director:Andreas Ott
Sales 2017*:EUR 24.0 million
With INDUS since:2000
Location:Reinach (CH), Berlin (DE)
*with external third parties


Components made from steel and aluminum

BACHER is a tier 1 supplier of components made from standard and stainless steel, and sheet aluminum. The company’s main area of work is the manufacture of elements for train interiors, in particular of entire ceiling systems including air ventilation ducts and lighting. As a development partner to manufacturers of trains for European rail transportation, BACHER has positioned itself as a problem solver, able to constantly come up with new ideas for ready-installed products with optimized Overall costs. In the coming years, BACHER is set to further drive the targeted expansion of its engineering services and will thus be able to assume additional development Tasks for its customers. As a supplier to the railway industry, BACHER has been awarded ISO 9001 certification, the important IRIS certification, as well as special certifications for the welding and bonding of and at rail vehicles and vehicle components.

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