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Managing Director:Dr. Hartwig Frinke
Sales 2017*:EUR 73.8 million
With INDUS since:2000
Locations:Bamberg (DE), Glauchau (DE), Maastricht (NL)
Salzburg (AT)
*with external third parties

OFA Bamberg GmbH

Compression hosiery and bandages

OFA Bamberg is a manufacturer of made-to-measure medical compression hosiery, bandages, and orthotic devices, as well as of preventive health products such as surgical and travel stockings. Other products include stockings for athletes and diabetes sufferers. Its constant flow of new ideas has enabled the Franconia-based Company to develop an extremely popular range of products that is primarily sold via specialist medical retailers and pharmacies. OFA received the world-famous “Red Dot Award” for the design of ist new “Memory” range of stockings, an accolade which reaffirms the company’s innovative capability. OFA sells its products in more than 40 countries around the world. In 2015, OFA invested in its viable target market by acquiring a modern facility for textile production from ESDA GmbH in Glauchau in January. It also expanded its portfolio to include orthopedic bandages and orthotic devices by acquiring NEA International B.V. in Maastricht.

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