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Managing Director:Markus Bormann
Sales 2018*:EUR 15.0 million
With INDUS since:2000
Locations:Wittenbach (CH), Sauerlach (DE), Kać (SRB)
*with external third parties


Miniaturized precision optics

MIKROP concentrates on the sophisticated development, production, and assembly of high-precision individual lenses and lens systems with diameters of below one millimeter. Among its most important customers are companies from the medical engineering, automotive, research, and telecommunications sectors. It has traditionally focused on developing lens systems for endoscopic purposes, an area in which the particular quality of MIKROP lenses is held in high regard throughout the world. MIKROP has its own lens development department through which the company can design special lenses for its customers. MIKROP occupies a strong position in a market with a high entry barriers. In July 2016, MIKROP acquired in-situ GmbH with the purpose of developing new business segments. Headquartered in Sauerlach, the latter specializes in digital image processing as well as 2D and 3D measurement technology for use in industrial, medical and scientific applications.

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