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Managing Directors:Toni Kratzel
Sales 2018*:EUR 50.5 million
With INDUS since:1988
Locations:Lage (DE), Luvia (FIN)
*with external third parties


Efficient heating technology

REMKO develops and produces room air conditioners, hot-air heating systems and air de-humidifiers. Moreover, the company entered the promising “new energy” segment a few years ago, with inverter heat pumps as ist core product. These environmentally friendly pumps cool, heat up water, and heat rooms using ambient air. Foreign markets have considerable growth potential, with exports already accounting for around 25 % of total sales. In Addition to targeting private households, the company is also increasingly focusing on industrial customers. Its newly developed hybrid heat pump, for instance, addresses the needs of the growing renovation market. After all, it is estimated that in Germany alone, 10 million heating systems are in need of overhauling.

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