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Managing Director:Marc Barras
Sales 2018*:EUR 40.4 million
With INDUS since:2006
Locations:Dielsdorf (CH), Rossens (CH),
Cologne (DE), Lauchhammer (DE)
*with external third parties


Special reinforcements and tanker transport systems

The ANCOTECH Group, with its subsidiaries in Switzerland and Germany, is a company specializing in reinforcement and anchorage technology. With approximately 100 employees, it produces special rein-forcements for the European market. ANCOTECH’s innovations have had a decisive influence on structural engineering in Europe, particularly in the field of punching shear technology. Constant quality checks in its own laboratory and research assignments at home and abroad guarantee innovation and quality. The company’s own design software is one of Europe’s leading solutions in the field of punching and shear reinforcement.

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