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Managing Directors:Tobias Hilgert,
Dr. Marc Siemer
Sales 2018*:EUR 23.2 million
With INDUS since:1992
Location:Aichhalden (DE)
*with external third parties

SITEK-Spikes GmbH & Co. KG

Tire studs and carbide tools

SITEK manufactures spikes for winter tires, carbide-tipped tools, and carbide powder. SITEK is a leading manufacturer of spikes for car and truck tires, as a development partner to the world’s major tire manufacturers, the firm is involved in new tire development from the very beginning. As it has its own carbide production facilities (the raw materials are mixed according to the desired carbide quality), SITEK is in a position to align material properties in strict accordance with the respective area of application. It has also developed new areas of application for stud technology, among them bicycle tires and horseshoe nails. Carbide tools are mounted on milling machines to remove coatings such as road markings and to roughen and clean floor surfaces, among other things. The tools are resistant to wear and tear and designed for economical use.

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