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Becoming part of our Group

Numerous owners have already chosen INDUS over the past several decades. They know from experience that we organize the transition to the new ownership structures from the standpoint of the seller.

Our promise to the portfolio companies

Long-term entrepreneurial support
We give our portfolio companies  the room they need to independently maintain their track records over the long term.

Direct transfer of knowledge
We are constantly sharing our knowledge with our portfolio companies, providing their managers with effective methods they can use as needed.

Keeping the corporate culture intact
Our portfolio companies remain embedded in the context into which they have grown. They retain their names, their employees, their unique features.

Dependability and fairness
INDUS is known among its portfolio companies as a reliable partner – one that maintains fairness and transparency in the conduct of its business and can be counted on to honor agreements.

Financial strength independent of banks
INDUS provides portfolio companies with the financial backing they need to realize their ideas and seize market opportunities.

Maintaining liquidity in the company
Our portfolio companies can continue their operations with the liquidity they generate themselves. There are no profit transfer agreements at INDUS.

Financial relief
To maintain the financial strength of our portfolio companies, it is important for us, that their debt load is as low as possible.

Our investment criteria

Our target investments are manufacturers with solid balance sheets, a viable business model and strategic growth potential:

Acquisition profile

Ideally, our acquisitions operate in what we have defined as our main growth industries, namely:

•    Automation and measuring technology and control engineering
•    Construction and safety technology
•    Medical engineering/ life science 
•    Technology for infrastructure/ logistics
•    Energy and environmental technology 

In addition, however, we look for enterprises which will complement existing businesses in our respective segments.

As an SME holding company, we are an ideal succession partner for SME businesses.

Other acquisition opportunities we pursue include spin-offs from corporations which are viable in the market as independent units managed in accordance with SME principles.

Why settle for less than the best in our partners? According to our business model, we do not intervene in the operations of our investment holdings. Accordingly, we never invest in turnaround situations or startups.