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Our Aims

1. Balanced portfolio of high-performance portfolio companies
Our portfolio should be broadly diversified with regard to sectors, cycles and market opportunities.

2. Increase in value
The value of our portfolio should increase over the long term.

3. Growth
Our portfolio should grow in a way that maintains shareholder value. This growth should secure earnings and diversify financial risk.

Our Strategy: COMPASS 2020

Our portfolio companies are an integral part of our Group, and together they represent a cross-section of the most vital industries.

And that is how things are going to stay. For this reason, we formulated a plan in 2012 under the slogan “Compass 2020”. We employ two main approaches to ensure growth in earnings:

  • 1. Investment in new portfolio companies (direct investments)

    1. Investment in new portfolio companies (direct investments)

    We are expanding our portfolio by acquiring further hidden champions - both in those sectors in which we have already invested and in those which we now describe as future-oriented sectors. True to our business model, these are also companies that manufacture engineer-driven niche products, have their own added value and a high level of technical expertise.

    As industries of the future, we have our sights set on them:

    • Automation and measuring technology and control engineering
    • Construction and safety technology
    • Medical engineering / life science
    • Technology for infrastructure / logistics
    • Energy and environmental technology

    Infrastructure/logistics technology

    The global transport volume is multiplying rapidly as the world is growing increasingly closer together. Road, rail and air transport volumes are rising each year. Besides the transport service proper, more and more networking challenges need to be solved, and the complex transport tasks can no longer be mastered without intelligent logistics in the background. Take parcel deliveries, for instance – with more and more people shopping on the Internet, someone must deliver these goods to the customers. It is above all innovative SMEs which have started to occupy this niche.

    Automation, measurement and control technology

    Innovative technological developments are the strength of Germany’s manufacturing companies. Having started decades ago, the trend towards the automation of industrial production will continue unabated. As information technology and traditional automation technology become increasingly integrated – which is already being referred to as “the next industrial revolution” by many, also known as “Industry 4.0” – automation is certainly one of the global technologies of the future. In this market, too, Germany is one of the leading players behind China, the USA and Japan.

    Energy and environmental engineering

    As policy-makers continue to push forward with the energy transition, the environmental sector is growing increasingly dynamically. There can be no doubt that we will be able to find attractive specialists with an appetite for new developments in this sector, which is clearly dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Medical engineering and life science

    Worldwide demand for healthcare services and, consequently, for medical engineering products is increasing strongly. In emerging markets such as Brazil, China and India, the growing populations and fast-rising per-capita incomes have sent demand for medical technology rising. In these countries as well as in Eastern Europe, healthcare services will continue to improve noticeably. But our German home market is no less attractive, given the ongoing demographic change and the improving quality of life. Together with the USA, Germany’s medical engineering sector is at the forefront of the world market. This makes for an excellent environment in which our Group should easily find fitting candidates. 

  • 2. Economic promotion of existing enterprises

    2. Economic promotion of existing enterprises

    The focus of our development strategy is on portfolio strengthening. We do this through targeted capital support. In doing so, we proceed with the self-conception of a development bank. This means that we make the allocation of funds dependent on the plausibility of the plans submitted by the management.

    We prefer to make our funds available for the following purposes:

    Acquisitions on the 2nd level, which serve the business development

    Appropriate acquisitions of domestic and foreign activities in the coming years could help our portfolio companies to develop both geographically and in terms of their performance profile. To this end, we are also available to our portfolio companies for discussions on where existing business areas can be expanded or new business areas opened.

    Acquisitions or investments for the purpose of internationalization

    Today the world market is an obligatory playing field for our medium-sized specialists. The INDUS investments have their sights set on these markets and are targeting countries that promise stable growth prospects. The INDUS companies are already represented with activities in North, South and Central America and are also present in Asia, South Africa and Eastern Europe. Our goal is clear: we want to continue to support internationalization, primarily in America and Asia.

    Intensification of research & development

    INDUS is convinced that only above-average R&D efforts will secure a top position for its investments in the long term. In our experience, the systematic focus on innovation and the corresponding preliminary work in the development of new products and services ensures sustainable above-average returns. For this reason, we finance corresponding research and development activities with increased interest.

    Project or expansion financing

    If required, we also support our investments in classic financing topics, such as the financing of machines or plants.