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Our objectives

1. Growth
We want our portfolio to grow in value based on the operating performance of the portfolio companies. This growth serves to secure earnings and to further diversify economic risks.

2. Value performance
The value of our portfolio is to increase in the long term. The performance of individual portfolio companies increases the value of the entire portfolio. The aim is to achieve an EBIT margin of “10% + X” in the medium term.

3. Balanced portfolio structure
We want our portfolio to be broadly diversified and forward-looking both in terms of industries and in terms of cyclicality and market opportunities.

Our PARKOUR Strategy

The new PARKOUR strategy program further develops core elements of the COMPASS 2020 program implemented since 2012 and focuses on the development of the INDUS Group up to the year 2025. By increasing the corporate fitness, PARKOUR sets a new focus: accelerate the development of the individual portfolio companies and improve their operating performance. Like a well-trained parkour athlete, our portfolio companies shall successfully master the hurdles they are facing with courage, creativity and reliability. PARKOUR has three focal points:

  • 1. Strengthen the portfolio structure

    1. Strengthen the portfolio structure

    By making two to three first-tier acquisitions per year, we are continuously developing our portfolio in a forward-looking manner. In doing so, we have our eyes firmly set on the following industries of the future:

    • Automation, measurement and control technology

    • Construction technology

    • Security technology

    • Medical engineering and life science

    • Infrastructure and logistics technology

    • Energy and environmental engineering

    At the same time, we are examining whether another owner would be able to offer the company and its employees better development opportunities in the long term However, the fundamental corporate strategy of “buy, hold & develop” will remain in place.

    To increase the innovation capacity of the existing portfolio, INDUS also supports acquisitions of younger companies at the second tier. This applies in particular to innovative companies in the following industries of the future:

    • Industry 4.0 / digitization

    • Innovative construction technology

    • Public and private security

    • Medical engineering for the ageing society

    • Intelligent logistics/infrastructure

    • GreenTech

  • 2. Drive innovation

    2. Drive innovation

    The focus of our development strategy is on strengthening the portfolio. We support our investments in successfully crossing the threshold into the digital industry. Apart from product innovations, we also support services, business processes and business models. In doing so, we promote innovation via:

    • INDUS development bank: We financially support promising innovation projects in the portfolio companies that develop new technologies and/or new markets. Up to 3% of Group EBIT is invested in this innovation development bank every year.

    • Innovation Toolbox: By imparting methodological knowledge (consulting and training services), we provide targeted support to our portfolio companies in the development of innovation strategies and the development of industries of the future.

    • Know-how transfer and networking: To promote innovation, we get Group companies in touch with external partners.

    • Acquisition of innovative companies: For the acquisition of innovative sub-subsidiaries with attractive interfaces to our portfolio companies, we also focus on companies with younger business models.

  • 3. Increased performance

    3. Increased performance

    To promote operational excellence, we assist our portfolio companies in effectively optimizing their value-adding core processes from order generation to order processing. In keeping with the lean management approach, it is important to avoid waste in all activities. This way, we impart methodological competence and best practice knowledge, offer comprehensive training and further education in the area of lean management, establish network partnerships and accompany the development, planning and implementation of improvement projects in the areas of strategic marketing/sales and production.