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INDUS – The SME Holding Company

Our profile

A reliable economic basis for hidden champions in the small and medium-sized business sector

As the leading specialist in the field of sustainable investment in the German-speaking SME sector, we acquire mostly owner-managed companies and assist them in setting a long-term trajectory for their entrepreneurial development. We make sure that they are able to preserve a special source of strength: their identity as small or medium-size enterprises.

Our portfolio companies operate independently

Our Group consists of INDUS Holding AG, the holding company based in Bergisch Gladbach, and the individual portfolio companies. Our subsidiaries develop their business with economic and operative independence. Through regular discussions with the managers, we ensure that our interests as major shareholders are also taken into account. This means that we are well informed of developments at the companies and can, if necessary, provide expert support.

Our performance pledge

We are offering our shareholders profit-oriented investment with prospects of value rises in the long term.
To our equity interests, we are an active sparring partner supporting them in their growth with capital, experience and expertise.
To our partners we are a reliable constant – fair in business dealings, predictable in collaboration and constructive in alignment.

Our recipe for success: buy & hold & let develop

Over the past several decades, INDUS has built up a diversified and exceptionally profitable portfolio by acquiring some 40 small and medium-sized "hidden champions". Its main focus, encapsulated in the slogan "buy & hold", has always been investment for the long term.

To keep up with the accelerated pace of change in the current economic environment, we have added a new component called "let develop" to our already successful strategy. We want to increase the funds we provide to our companies in a carefully targeted manner so that they can continue to successfully develop their business under new conditions.