MEWESTA Hydraulik GmbH & Co. KG, Münsingen

Hydraulic Control Blocks and Systems
MEWESTA specializes in the construction and manufacture of hydraulic
control blocks, hydraulic power units, and hydraulic components, and is among the leading companies in this field. A partner to companies from the mechanical and plant engineering industry, MEWESTA is today able to manufacture hydraulic block machines with individual weights of up to one ton, thanks to its investments over the past few years. The company can also, if the customer so requests, assume the entire assembly and testing of hydraulic control systems and is renowned for its broad spectrum of standard products and innovative solutions for customized products. Among its customers are manufacturers of machine tools, plastic injection molding machinery, construction machinery and materials handling technology.

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General Manager: Hans-Joachim Wunn
Site: Münsingen (D/Baden-Württemberg)
INDUS company since:1997
INDUS stake:100 %
Capital EUR million:0.54